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3shape Association Program

3shape CAD/CAM Centre's Certificate of Association Program



World class DENTAL CAD/CAM  programs at our own classrooms!
While the formal DENTAL EDUCATION programs equip students with knowledge of dentistry, they also need to have mastery over relevant CAD software tools to become more employable. Here is an opportunity for institutions to ensure that all their dental students are well versed in CAD/CAM softwares and hardwares also.
Through our Certificate of Association program, an innovative institutional partnership program, we sign up students in our  authorised 3shape CAD, CAM courses at subsidised prices, and teach them at college premises.


What does it mean to students? They do not have to "walk that extra mile" anywhere or miss regular classes to accommodate different time slots offered at centres in order to learn CAD courses. Even as they purse their regular academic programs, they still learn CADCAM course at our campus itself. World class CADCAM programs at their own classrooms!


More information about 3 shape cad cam can be found below or at


The Dental Materials museum of our college is one of the best in the country, with an invaluable collection of several fabricated models and various materials that are used in dentistry.
For the undergraduate training programme, the college has lecture halls equipped with LCD facilities.
Besides these facilities, the college also provides dental health to the public through its various satellite centres in and around PUNE AND MUMBAI