Number of foreign patients in India to cross 32 lakhs by 2015

India is emerging as a preferred healthcare destination for patients across the globe. Growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40 per cent, the inflow of Medical/Dental tourists in India is likely to cross 32 lakhs by 2015 from the current level of 8.5 lakhs and will not only earn foreign exchange but will also give huge push to the health sector across the country according to The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). Movement of patients from abroad has accelerated sharply and is growing rapidly as India enjoys strategic advantage of essential resources like world-class medical technology, infrastructure and skilled medical workforce according to its study on ‘Emerging Trends In Domestic Medical Tourism Sector.’ According to ASSOCHAM, Indian medical tourism industry is currently poised at around Rs 4,500 crore and is likely to be worth Rs 10,800 crore by 2015.


Top notch  dental healthcare facilities  at DYPDS(ACCE) in sectors like  teeth replacement ,dental implant surgery, at a low price are certain key factors making DYPDS  a favoured destination in terms of dental tourism, Easy access of Visa facilities often permitted by India to overseas patients coupled with best emerging dental  infrastructure facilities in its large and tertiary town of pune , prospects of DYPDS becoming a lead Institution attracting foreign patients will grow.


Highly Qualified Indian Dentist  & Support Staff
The other reasons as to why DYPDS would emerge as a lead hub for excellent dental  treatment is because of its strength of highly qualified dental professionals and even equally higher qualities of availability of nurses.
DYPDS has over 40 qualified dentist  and numbers of qualified nursing graduates and diploma holders are equally good and of high professional caliber who are content and satisfied with reasonable professional fees.
With a long history of subsidised  dental education and high investments in dental research, DYPDS has one of the biggest pool of dental professionals and scientists in the world and a number of dentist  at DYPDS have learned their trade and practiced it in the US and UK before choosing to settle down in India.
Due to the sheer volume of patients and less bureaucratic delays in acceptance of new dental procedures, surgeons have more experience in some of the new   techniques. For example, dental implant replacement surgery was introduced in USA  and Europe , whereas it had already been in practiced at DYPDS  for many years now


Low Costs
The primary reasons as to why dental tourism is attracted  at DYPDS include much more lower  costs for various ailments. A comparison of treatment costs is given in the tabulated form, comparing India's cost of dental  treatment with countries such as U.S.A or U.K.


Dental Treatment DescriptionCost in USA/UK ($)*Cost in India ($)* Dental Implants2000.001000.00 Porcelain-Metal Crown/Bridge600.00120.00 Root Canal Treatment500.0070.00 Tooth colored composite fillings150.0025.00


* all costs per tooth


According to ASSOCHAM, this is the major advantage which works in favour of India as a result of which movement of patients from various developing and developed countries would shift towards India as its hospital infrastructure is not only confined to large metros but equally getting better in tertiary towns of PUNE  in which the cost of living is still lower with quality of supreme nature.


No Language Barrier
English is the medium of most public conversations and the preferred language of communication in hospitals and medical centers and is widely understood. For other languages an abundance of skilled translators are available.


Government Support
Indian government has a special visa for medical tourists that allows them to stay for long periods in the country. Also, the government has an investment of US $6.5 billion in the pipeline for medical tourism. This is for setting up affordable hospitals inIndia and budget hotels for patient’s relatives.