Studying @ DYPDS


DR D Y PATIL dental school  IN COLLABARATION  WITH MOOG INTERNATIONAL AND ACTA DENTAL UNIVERSITY FROM NIETHERLANDS has adopted a state of art virtual training system for dental students,and for refining skills of dentist before performing a new technic on patients directly this training facilities would  be one of the first  of its kind in INDIA.


As part of their preclinical training, dental students work on ‘phantom heads’ when practicing many of the skills that they will later need when treating patients. However, drilling holes in plastic teeth is not particularly realistic. For several years, staff at DYPDS have been working on Simodont, a virtual simulator for teaching skills to students. The device has been developed in a step-by-step process, by Moog FCS, a specialist in the development of flight simulators. ACTA and Moog use Simodont to simulate realistic dental cavities, which can then be treated in the simulator.


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Simodont was designed to expand and further improve the facilities for preparing students to treat patients. One important point is that students are currently learning about dentistry through the use of plastic teeth.

However, these cannot exhibit signs of pathology. This is a drawback, as DYPDS. wants to start with a disease and work towards the treatment. The phantom heads have plastic teeth, so progressing to real patients is still quite a big step. Simodont provides a far better simulation of reality.