Welcome to D Y Patil Dental School

The course of study in dentistry trains students to become qualified dentists. The majority of graduates start work as dentists in solo or group practices, or in the employ or a company or organization. In addition, after graduating, there is the option of working in one of the programmes, either in teaching or research.

The course of study in Dentistry consists of a FOUR year Bachelor's programme and ONE YEAR OF INTERNSHIP programme, After completing your BACHELOR'S program you can register in the MAHARASHTRA STATE DENTAL COUNCIL Act register. From then you are entitled to practice dentistry independently with the title of BACHELOR DENTAL SURGERY (B.D.S).

Active teaching methods

Competence oriented

D.Y.P.D.S 's approach to education is to focus on the individual student and on the learning process. This means that a wide range of active teaching methods are available, allowing you to develop your knowledge independently and in collaboration with others. This also means that students bear a great deal of responsibility for their course of study and for the planning involved.

  • The Bachelor's programmes have a competency-oriented curriculum. Accordingly, the curriculum's aim is that students should to acquire all of the skills necessary to practice dentistry. This is reflected by the thematic approach adopted in the various blocks and lines (where teaching is a collaborative effort involving multiple disciplines) and in the interweaving of theory and practice.
  • The course of study in Dentistry is a scientific programme. DYPDS has designed the scientific aspects of this course of study with a view to training students to be dentists with a critical and scientific attitude. Accordingly, you will notice that teaching places great emphasis on collecting, evaluating, and selecting information. It will also focus on teaching the skills required for graduates to pursue long-term professional and scientific development.
  • A state of the art CENTRAL dental clinic with sophisticated infrastructure, equipped with rotary endodontics ,endosonics,, ultrasonic scalers,, digital radiography, , as well as several other recent paraphernalia in each dental specialty. Excellent laboratory facilities especially phantom head labs, equipped with dental workstations for pre-clinical training simulating dental treatment.