Saving life time of teeth

About of Department of Periodontology

Department of Periodontology aims at saving life time of teeth.
It has a credit of changing a painful smile of patients to bright confident smile with pink healthy gums. This department deals with scientific study of structures which surround the tooth and prevention and treatment of the diseases of the same.

Modern Periodontology goes beyond Conventional Scaling and Periodontal Flap surgery. It covers all advances like Guided tissue Regeneration, Cosmetic Gum treatment, LASER dentistry, Dental Implants and their maintenance.

The Department is equipped with all modern equipment's which makes students to learn all advanced treatment options and boosts their confidence to compete with outside world. Students are always motivated for research work and new inventions which will be beneficial for the society .Apart from routine dentistry, and as part of social commitment department takes part in various social events and activities through camps and social awareness programmers.

The department has highly qualified and experienced teaching staff having many achievements to their credit, imparting academic and clinical training to students, utilizing the most recent and developed teaching aids.

Dr. Girish Byakod
HOD, Pedodontics

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